29th May 2024

Meaning of African Pidgin ‘Waka Waka’ of Shakira’s song


‘Waka Waka’ gained its popularity during the 2010 World Cup Football when Shakira sang the famous song. The lyrics of song contain words from the Fang language, which run as Za mina mina eh eh Waka waka eh eh, Tsa mina mina zangalewa, this time for Africa. Za mina mina means come, Waka waka means do it, Tsa mina mina zangalewa means where do you come from? Originally sung by a Makossa group from Cameroon called Golden Sounds, the band members comprised African soldiers. The song pays tribute to African infantry during World War II. During the Nigerian war (1967-70), the Nigerian army used this song extensively. The song is still used today almost everywhere in Africa.

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