17th July 2024

Sinking of the RMS Titanic: Coincidence or clairvoyance?



There are coincidences that one cannot easily believe in. It makes one wonder if it’s even natural. One such event concerns the wreck of Titanic, the biggest of Britain’s royal mail ships.

105 years ago, RMS Titanic sank on this day – the 14th of April – on her very first voyage!

American writer Morgan Robertson’s short novel The Wreck of the Titan released in 1898. Fourteen years later, when the RMS Titanic submerged, the people who had read the novella couldn’t help but wonder if the writer knew it would happen! Such were the similarities in the story and fate of the fictional ship Titan, and Titanic, the name itself being one.

Both the ships were considered, as well as called, ‘unsinkable’, until they met their fate.

Both the ships were sailing on the North Atlantic Ocean, and sank after colliding with an iceberg and on a cold April night. The ships also had similar speed at when they hit the iceberg.

Both Titan and Titanic were short of lifeboats. The former had 24 while the latter had 20 lifeboats. Both the ships had over 2000 passengers aboard!  More than half the number, on both ships, lost their lives.

Even though it is merely a coincidence, it does not come across as one!

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